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ACAL-Sawn Ventures


Actively Creating Ambitious Leaders 

Aims to support CYP from the BME community of Oldham who are marginalized and at significant risk of falling into delinquency.


Hi, I am Dionne the founder of ACAL and since moving to the UK, where I've spent most of my adult life, I've become cognizant of a wide-range of difficulties that can contribute to criminal behaviour in BAME immigrants or British nationals.

These difficulties can range from various types of abuse, peer pressure, child exploitation, immigration issues, lacking resources, inequalities, housing, school dropouts, social changes, care system, cultural differences, maternal and paternal deprivation, victims, and perpetrator of gang violence. ACAL intends to make young people between 8 and 16 years of age become aware that both genders are equally susceptible to being exploited by criminal gangs to operate county lines and transport illicit drugs in and around the UK.


ACAL directs its services to this particular age group with a long-term goal of reducing children from being recruited to engage in criminal behaviour through delivering educational awareness as a method of early intervention to prevent youths from participating in criminal activities, per se, county lines and even re-offending. In order to achieve this goal, ACAL works in close partnership with other local agencies including the GMP, social workers, schools, youth offending team and possibly mentors. With apex optimism, ACAL will be able to transform lives and create ambitious leaders for the future generation.

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