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S.P.A.R.K Zone

The power is in your mind.

We are a Community Interest Company aiming to support Black youths from life challenges and inequalities that have a lasting impact on their well being. We want Black Youth to have a safe place to express and discuss their life experiences and how we can support them in overcoming their challenges. 

Spark Zone is for Black Youth aged between 10-16 yrs old. 

Our vision

To raise awareness of mental wellness within young black people and equip them with tools and skills to build and maintain positive minds.

Our Aim

To create a safe space to encourage transparency and honesty around their experience and knowledge of mental wellness. We facilitate weekly group sessions to engage young people through various activities to help them highlight the challenges they face within their environment.

Are you a black youth aged between 10-16?


Self Care – we promote self-care and assist in taking pride in your wellness, self-love, and confidence. Embedding supportive activities and sessions to support Your physical, mental, and emotional health 

Purpose – We want to encourage you to identify your purpose in life and support you in working towards your goals 

Aspiration – Valuing role models to give you drive to aim higher and promotive high attainment is education through coaching and link support to schools. 

Reflect – Activities and guides to allow individuals to build on  identify areas you need to improve on and equip you with positive skills to help address them 

Knowledge – We provide resources on self-help, reading sessions and subject based discussions as well as inviting key speakers and coaching programmes. 


The Current View 

We offer Zoom sessions 

  • Therapeutic informed Sessions for mental health well being 
  • Life During and After Covid 
  • Identity – Taking Pride in our culture and Heritage 
  • Challenging Bullying and Racism 
  • Building resilience 
  • Exposure- Challenging cultural biases and stereotypical views of Black Youth 
  • Conflict resolution  and Effective Communication skills 
  • Online safety 
  • Mentorship 
  • Parents Engagement 
  • Professional Consultations with School, Local Authority and Community 


"Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou 

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