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Balance and Blessings Oldham

Balance and Blessings

Balance & Blessings is a CIC based in Oldham that aims to challenge cultural norms surrounding Mental Health and Wellbeing.

We aim to provide a Healing Hub and Empowerment Empire for BAME women in Oldham and Greater Manchester. It's been clear that BAME women experience so many challenges and adversities, yet never heal from their traumas and continue with their "duties" as mothers, wives, employees, business women, etc.

The thought of seeking help concerning mental health has become such a taboo in the community that people just ignore those inner feelings and keep it moving. Because the necessary inner work has been neglected, it creates a blockage in their journey, preventing them from moving forward from certain obstacles.

This is where we want to step in and provide this support network through various techniques and workshops to help clear that path for further growth and development. With the use of a person centered approach and a series of customised concepts, we believe we could heal our community and encourage healthy personal development.

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