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Women and Digital Inclusion CIC - (WODIN) We are a Liverpool-based grassroots organization where we help the black African Immigrant woman realize her full potential by providing hands-on digital inclusion skills and need-based services that are relevant, convenient, and/or affordable for them.  Our aim is to simplify Information Technology and Digital resources for black African immigrant women and their families in Liverpool UK, to enable them to engage in issues concerning them.   How We Help We help set up and run tailored training clubs focused on various interests, as indicated by the women. Including but not limited to: • Helping by setting up digital resources awareness courses as indicated by the women.• Offering a digital help space/helpline where the women can connect and not feel too isolated.• Training volunteers for befriending• Linking with other agencies such as Health, Social Services and Education to provide tailored training and information seminars to black African women and families• Facilitating open dialogue workshops between practitioners and users of public services• Cross-cultural enterprise training• Open Dialogue Workshops• Social Media Anxiety workshops• Women support programs We are open and flexible, creating bespoke sessions to meet the needs of specific women groups or professionals. You can learn more about us at Follow us on Facebook   Instagram    Twitter
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