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I’ve worked within the charity sector for more than 15 years and my specialist area is leadership, governance and fundraising. I’m passionate about what I can do to support Boards and leadership teams to align organisational development and governance strategies.

I am a trustee for two charities and I understand the challenges of leading an organisation. Guiding directors through governance processes to instill confidence in their own abilities to make productive decisions has been the highlight of my work. This involves understanding strategic planning for their organisations.

I am currently working with two BAME charities in Manchester, reviewing policies and procedures.

I provide valuable insights and practical advice to allow organisations to flourish when it comes to good governance. Not everyone enjoys writing policy reviews on leadership, governance and fundraising processes.

I have strong competences and professional skills in board development and project management. I have introduced better and innovative methods for charities in understanding change management and BAME cultures. In addition, I provided facilitation at conferences and public fundraising events, volunteer mentoring and support for senior leaders and their executives. Volunteers, employees and donor relationships are an integral part of any organisational development work.

I provide volunteer training in understanding organisational behaviours and objectives.


I believe strongly in the power of good charity governance and effective board leadership, while fully understanding the unique challenges it brings.

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