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Voice, Opportunities, Community, and Openness

Women’s Health Imperative

We operate to meet the needs, improve health and wellbeing among BAME women and their families through advocacy, education, research, policy, and leadership development.


Our Vision

Building reassuring safer communities and creating an Optimal health and wellbeing experience for BAME women and their families.

Our Objectives

•Providing communities culturally responsive resources and service providers that support women and families so they can maximize their individual and family health and wellbeing in the areas.

• Amplifying voices of women in the BAME communities by developing community-based mentoring programmes, workshops events, and services which creates positive role models within the communities in Warrington, Cheshire, and UK to thrive.

• Raising public awareness about the need to bridge the gap between health and wellbeing, education opportunities, and outcomes for BAME women and their families in communities.

• Empowering individuals and communities to improve opportunities of well-being in general by providing practical, yet powerful informational tools that would make improvement to their general well

How we Help

• Providing and signposting to appropriate services that meet the needs of BAME women and their families.

• Providing a reassuring safer community for the Black and Asian Minority Ethnic women (BAME) and their families (BAME) through advice, training, and empowering services

• Improving the wellbeing outcomes of BAME communities through policy, advocacy, education, research, and leadership development for women.

• Collaborating and Partnering with local authorities, Indigenous communities’ leaders, religious leaders, and voluntary organizations that proactively address these issues that are prevalent in our BAME communities.


Contact Us

Tel: 07551760389,

Email: [email protected]




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