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Bukola Toba Tasty Spice Kitchen
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Toba Tasty Spice Kitchen
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Tasty Spice Kitchen

Traditional food is available, Great taste at affordable prices.

New taste Fresh delicious authentic taste meals. We cater and provide nutritional food for our community in Manchester and deliver where necessary.

My Vision

Is for my restaurant to expand more so I can open it in different communities and cities.

My Mission

To open an eatery in Gorton called Tasty Spice Kitchen where I can cater to all communities in that area.

I serve my local community in Gorton and provide them good healthy food delivered to their door.

I would start local and focus on this community first, as my project grows, I would start to serve the wider community.

Cooking is my passion and it is what I am good at. I learnt my cooking skills from my grandmother over a long period of time. I offer the highest level of customer service with reliable high-quality ingredients and drawing on the 10 years of experience I have.

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