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Balm Of Gilead - Strengthening Communities

Balm of Gilead Support is a community organisation, committed to giving spiritual and emotional support to the elderly in the Black African Minority Ethnic group (BAME). We offer support services within care and independent community settings within Oldham and Greater Manchester area.

Our Mission

To create a support system for the elderly within their safe spaces and give them a sense of belonging and acceptance.


What we do

  • Raise awareness about the spiritual and emotional needs within the BAME community.
  • Offer outreach engagement in care homes, nursing homes and residential neighbourhoods.
  • Work with other organisations to meet the holistic individual needs of the elderly.
  • Work with individuals and groups to tailor services that meet their spiritual and emotional needs.
  • Expand the support network to reach out to more people in the BAME community.

Visit us to learn more


You too can take a step towards a better world! For other support inquiries, suggestions, organisational support and partnerships, please contact us and we will provide the information you need on +44 7425 865644

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