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Arewa Pantry is an a Manchester based Northern Nigeria Cuisine and Spices supplier. We provide a Delicious taste of Northern Nigeria in Oldham Manchester, UK. Does all of the talk about “Northern Nigeria food” in the UK sound like a long-lost dream?

Are you excited when you hear the word Zobo leaves, does that remind you of the taste of home? Are you feeling homesick for that Suya after yet another salmon dinner? Or you might like to have a taste of the exotic…

It’s time to have your taste buds transported to Northern Nigeria.

Hi, I’m Jamila, founder, and owner of Arewa Pantry, and I’m ready to help you unlock your joy and taste buds through a taste of Nutritious, healthy meals, spices, and snacks from the Northern regions of Nigeria. They are also Halal.

As an African Immigrant myself, I have spent a number of years craving very specific foods and snacks I grew up eating back in the motherland. Until I decided to stop craving and start doing. Arewa Pantry was born.

You can order via email Follow us on Instagram: @ArewaPantry

Or call for available spices, snacks, and dishes on +44712345678


Some of Our Delicious Snacks & Spices below


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